Payments and Donations

Welcome to the Family Store! Here you will find items that will help raise money for the Family Fund, Family Foundation and Family Trust. Click “continue shopping” to place items in your cart and then come back for more! We are genuinely inspired by our family‚Äôs desire to build for our future. Your contribution is worth more than you can imagine. Thank you!
Reunion Registration (Building Our Legacy 2020)
Use this option for full pay. Full payment is due March 15, 2020. If you are making installments please use the donate button and specify the amount. Children 0 to 4 are free and elders over 80 are free
Registration Option 1 – Full Payment
List names in your party

Family Plan – Reunion Registration
List the names in your party

Family Fund Donation

By clicking on this PayPal link, you can contribute your desired amount. Your contributions will be recorded and reflected on your Family Fund account statement as an open donation under your name. On the statements, you will also see how your contributions have helped to advance the family. Thank you so much, and no contribution amount is too small!

Family Dues Contribution
$25.00 USD
Have you made your annual Family Dues Contribution? Each family household is asked to contribute $25 each year to support the family fund. Family dues are voluntary, but the more contributions we receive, the better.


Household Ex: “John’s Family”

Family Lineage Book $20.00 USD
The Family Lineage Book contains over 200 pages of family lineage, family stories and history. This book is a family treasure that will educate you and allow you to make a family contribution at the same time. Preview

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