Welcome to Our Family

On behalf of the Descendants of Solomon and Elizabeth, we welcome family and friends to the Hibbert Family website. Due to our size and locations across the globe, this site was developed to create a focal point for disseminating news and important information as it relates to the family. We encourage you to become familiar with the site’s content so you may stay abreast of events and activities, but most importantly we want you to remain interactive. To the right is a picture of Solomon and Elizabeth. Born in the late 1800’s, two generations removed from slavery and very poor by today’s standards, Solomon and Elizabeth instilled the fortitude in us to accomplish extraordinary things. We are proud of the fact that although we are spread out around the world, we remain driven to stay connected by using our common heritage as a bond capable of empowering ourselves and propelling our future generations. As always, we look for your voices to contribute to the success of our family so we encourage you to always share your input. Thank you for visiting, God Bless and Enjoy.