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We are aware that many of us have different and varied medical problems; some of us are blessed to have none. Below you will find a list of medical problems that have been identified in our families bloodline. This is just a list and does not mean that you have or will get any of these diseases or medical problems. However, there may be times when your doctor may want to know if certain things are hereditary or runs in your family. That is where this list may be helpful. 

If we can be of further assistance to you please email Dr. Kevin Hibbert or Nurse Dawn Wilson-Hibbert .
Please click on diseases or medical problem below for more information.

Common Family Medical Issues 

Diabetes Mellitus
Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer
Marfan Syndrome

Note: Please always consult your doctor or medical provider and continue to get your yearly check-ups. Most importantly, if your doctor has prescribed medication for you please take it.

If you have noticed a trend in the family that is not on the above list please notify Dr. Kevin Hibbert.

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