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  1. Kevin Hibbert on Sun, 23rd May 2010 9:23 pm 

    This website is amazing. Thank you for all the work that you all did to put this together. My friends at work saw it and have been sharing it with their families. I am so proud of your work and to be a part of this family. Kudos to you all.

  2. Gregory Hibbert on Mon, 24th May 2010 7:31 am 

    I really like the site also but of course we have been looking at it for over 6 months. I’m interested in what others think!

  3. Nathalie Hibbert on Mon, 24th May 2010 7:56 am 

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the Reunion in July! To Greg & Kevin great job on the website.

  4. Claudienne Hibbert on Tue, 14th Sep 2010 8:33 pm 

    This website is a great representation of the Hibbert Family. The website is beautiful and full of life and information. It’s easy to navigate and user friendly. If I had to score the website (1 being poor, 10 being great), I would give it a 20! Great Job and keep up the good work.

  5. Gregory St. Mark Hibbert on Wed, 29th Sep 2010 2:51 pm 

    @ Kevin…you worked on the website too so you should be proud of yourself. lol @ Claudienne, THANKS cuz!

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