The Elizabeth Hibbert Award

The Elizabeth Hibbert Award is designed to acknowledge a descendant in the family that has contributed to their community and has proved to be a source of pride for us all. Elizabeth Hibbert was the soul of the Hibbert clan. As such, this award pays homage to her desire to contribute to the family in positive ways. Each reunion the committee votes on which family member embodies Elizabeth’s spirit.  Elizabeth was also an example for others to follow. She was married twice and had two sets of children but always kept all of the kids together creating one large and extended family.

About this year’s winner: Owen Hibbert

The winner of this year’s Elizabeth Hibbert Award has also worked hard to keep his extended family together. He is the father of four daughters and one son.  He worked in the automotive industry and has owned his own business of many years. He has a really great spirit and is known to give the shirt off his back if asked. He is most proud of his children and grandchildren. And today we want to honor him to his soul for the lives that he has touched and the commitment to the family he has raised. It is our sincere hope that he leaves this gathering knowing that his works are appreciated and his gifts have not gone unnoticed.


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