Solomon and Elizabeth Scholarship

The yearning of our family to stay together has produced several beautiful events like our family reunions and our famous family BBQ’s. But we have not only set the stage for family to gather and reminisce, we have also set the stage for us to come together for a distinct and higher purpose…for our children. We have a dream that one day our future generations will have more opportunities than we have ever imagined. In order to give future generations this opportunity, we must challenge our children to challenge themselves.

Our desire for this has given us the inspiration to develop the Hibbert Family Trust which has the distinct purpose to benefit the family, especially our children. I would like to let you know that the Trust was born form your contributions and by your very attendance at this reunion.  Right now the Trust is very small. But it will not be for much longer.

To illustrate our desire to benefit our family, we decided to create and offer many incentives for our children to achieve on a higher level… the first of which is the Descendants of Solomon and Elizabeth Scholarship Award.  To qualify for this Scholarship a young adult in our family had to demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement in high school, and, also earn acceptance at an accredited college or university to study in a degree seeking program on a full time basis. In addition to these prerequisites, the candidate had to write a 500-1000 word essay about what it means to be a Descendant of Solomon and/or Elizabeth, explain what they would like to study and how they intend to make a positive impact on society.

The Committee is pleased to announce that we have found such a scholar!

About this year’s Scholar: Keyandra Wilson

This exceptional young lady not only blew us away with her beautiful and well structured essay, but in addition to her studies, she has completed over 800 hours of community service and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.8, ranking 23rd out of 700 students.  I know we’re all Jamaicans so you’re probably saying “Whapn, you couldn’t finish first?”  Perhaps think of it this way: she is in the top 4% of her high school class.  In August, this young lady will matriculate to Florida State University, where she will be studying Criminal Justice and aspires to pursue a career in federal law enforcement at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where she feels she can make a difference by working to protect against crimes against children. We are extremely proud of this Descendant. The very first and historic scholarship is awarded to Miss Keyandra Wilson!

Please join the Committee in congratulating Keyandra on her extraordinary accomplishments! 


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