Possibility Programme

Implemented in 2001 by the Office of the Prime Minister, the Possibility Programme is a multi-agency project aimed at providing the necessary resources and support for children and youths who are on the street, to better improve their life chances. The Hibbert Family Foundation would like to assist this Programme by helping spread the word and garnering support from an international audience. 

The programme has had some success  in Kingston in providing a saftey net for the at risk boys who roam the streets but the programme wishes to expand to Montego Bay and Spanish Town. In the future the program will need to increase the size of their present hostel in Kingston and eventually branch to other cities, however their immediate needs are:

Large Deep Freezer, Large Pressure Cooker, Clothing (boys ages 12-18), Books, A Computer, Deoderant, Fittet sheets for bunk beds, Funds to offset educational needs.

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