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By now many of us have received the heartbreaking news that in September of 2010 our beloved family member, Deane Hibbert was struck with a life threatening stroke while in Australia. Doctors performed surgery to relieve pressure on his brain and initially, Deane was in critical condition. The first days after the operation were pretty critical but doctors were encouraged by Deane’s ability to respond and squeeze his wife’s hand.  His children (Asha, Kim & Daniel) and his brother (Daron) have all made the trip and have joined his wife Debbie by his side. As his family communicates his progress, we will place updates on this page. In the meantime, please send your love and prayers to Deane and his beautiful family during their time of need.

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Deane’s Fund Me Page - Help Deane Walk Again!

Hi All,

My name is Deane Hibbert Aka Deano.  
September 2010 I suffered a major stroke it was very difficult for my family and friends as no one knew why I had been so dramatically affected or why I had experienced this devastating blow. Due to being strong, healthy and a non-smoker I survived against all the odds 
After 10months in hospital I came home to lots of love and support and each day I get stronger. I am now pushing myself to walk again and have a personal trainer that assist me with exercising three times a week. This has kept me mentally & physically strong but now I need to walk. There is a new treatment in the USA and they are having some fantastic results. I am hoping to be raise funds to enable me to travel and have the treatment. I am one of the lucky ones that have survived a stroke and I am committed to getting on my feet to help others and make a difference.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Deane is doing better and is speaking more, even so much as to give his mother advice about getting her blood pressure checked. This shows that he is extremely cognizant. The doctors are still concerned with Deane’s blood clot and have inserted a filter in his main artery to safe guard against clot movement. This is painful and uncomfortable for Deane. The next move is for the doctors to re-attach the section of Deane’s skull that they removed during his operation in September. They are looking to do this within the next two or three weeks. Deane really dislikes his helmet, so Debbie’s brother Rob has made some ‘cool running’s’ stickers to decorate it with. Debbie said there is a plan to put Deane on a tilt table to get him accustomed to sitting-up again as well as other exercise strategies. Deane has begun to experience a pins and needles sensation in his left hand, which may prove that his brain is communicating with the left side of his body.

They intend to start Deane on physical therapy very soon and had heard about a new facility that cater to a younger age group, with very similar problems to what Deane is experiencing, as well as accident victims. The only thing is this facility is one & a half hours away from where they are presently located. This would mean a three hour a day drive to and from for Debbie each day. Bearing in mind that she has only just started work again, since mid-September poses a hurdle right now. Debbie said that she will make an appointment to view the facility with an open mind, to make a proper comparison. Debbie said this facility is called “THE HAMPSTEAD”.

Deane has also teamed-up with a colleague to partake in “Movember the name of their Team is “JAMAICAN BOB SLEDERS” the name of Deane’s colleague/Team Member is Adrian Leet. The object of Movember is for each member to grow a mustache, In order to raise money and awareness for Men’s Health. Deb said she would keep us up dated as to the outcome. We all know Deane – He Just Loves to Compete.


As I woke up this morning and thought about our cousin Deane and his family I could not help but have a renewed belief in the power of prayer. Just a few short weeks ago, the news of Deane’s massive stroke placed a very real possibility in our minds that he would not make it at all. But with our trust in God, we now report that Deane is on a sustained path to improve his condition each day. Here are a few updates from Chris and Debbie.

Deane is speaking now and I can’t believe what he is saying…Apparently some of his first words have been. “I’ll be alright when I can get up”, “Pucker Up” and he expressed a need for some Ackee and Saltfish. Sounds good! He has shaken hands with the Dr. and as usual has a name for a hand shake “Press the Flesh”. Debbie said that he has been running little jokes with the nurses and she could see his charismatic self shining through. What a beautiful experience to hear that he’s being interacting again. Praise God!

Deane developed a blood clot in his leg and since the doctors cannot give him blood thinners, they entered his arteries from the groin area and have placed a stent.

The Children and Daron have gone back to the UK for now and Debbie will be going back to work soon with flexible hours. I’m sure this transition will be tough.

Currently Deane has moved wards and will be on the 4D stroke unit for a while or until they can get him to hold his head upright. They will be encouraging him to stand with mechanical supports then he will go to another hospital where they specialize in long term stroke rehab.


Deane has now been removed from the respirator and  he is presently not on any sedation. Deane’s immediate reaction to this at first was not good, but after a while he settled down and now seems quite calm and is breathing easily. Daron and Debbie’s brother Rob were in the room with Deane and Rob made some witty remark to Deane like “Deane you know you have a very cheeky smile on your face” immediately Deane opened his eyes and broke out into one of his massive smiles. This nearly bowled them both over and they immediately rushed out to try and find Debbie, Daniel, Asha and Kim – Fortunately they had all just arrived at the Hospital and what good news to greet them with – They all went into the room and again by somebody’s comical utterance, he opened his eyes again with a big smile. Kim took a Photograph of his Grand Kids and held it in front of his face to which his eyes responded back and forth in an examining fashion. Daron went on to say that he saw a tear in one of Deane’s eyes and said very softly to him. “Deane you have a tear in your eye and I am going to dry it for you, so I need you to close your eyes”. He immediately obeyed Daron’s request and when Daron had dried the tear, he again asked Deane to open his eyes and once again his response was immediate.

Daron did say that although Deane’s eyes did not appear to be 100% focused, it was truly a wonderful feeling to have experienced Deane’s acknowledgement of all there. He went on to say that Deane has movement in his right arm and some movement in his right foot. There has been no movement on his left side. It goes without saying that this is very encouraging and we should all continue to pray for Deane’s  Continued recovery.


Deane is still heavily sedated and on a resperator. His blood pressure level and sugar levels are somewhat erratic. But the aim right now  and is still to get him to an independent breathing mode. Debbie reiterates by saying that the Drs are quite confident and say that we just have to have patients, because it is imperative that they go slowly in bringing Deane around to the next step.


Deane celebrated his birthday on this past Friday and he is making steady progress, namely the pneumonia and chest infection have improved immensely. Thank you for your posts, please continue to do so. We are still putting together a good time and date for us to hold the prayer vigil. In the meantime it is reassuring to know that Deane is in Flindler Medical Center, a world renowned stroke victim’s hospital.


We’ve received word that Deane continues to improve slightly each day. Doctors are hopeful that once the swelling decreases on his brain, he will begin to show moderate improvement.

Please continue to pray for Deane’s recovery as it will be a long and painstaking process. Please pray for Deane, his family and for the doctor’s wisdom.

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